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Brenden Coleson
I Loved Living - I Just Wasn't Any Good At It
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13th-Nov-2006 10:58 pm - Voice Post
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30th-Aug-2006 04:37 pm - Auditions Tommorrow
I've musical auditions tomorrow. I'm worried. John already gave me that "you won't make it" talk he does. Or rather laughs when you talk about getting in. I seriously hate him. Is he really that oblivious to people feelings. He thinks he get the lead......sure.

I want to write a musical and call it "I Can't Get In The Damn Musical" and the lead character will be me. Then they would have to cast me. Cause no one could play it better.
28th-Aug-2006 04:58 pm(no subject)
Moved back in at college. First day of class was killer. 8AM - 4 PM No breaks. But Tuesday and Fridays I have absolutely nothing, so that rocks. Monday's Labor Day = 4 Day Weekend! Met my new roommate. Really, really nice, maybe too nice and really rather cute. Kinda looks like Casey. Anyway, we seem to have similar interest. Except he's into Anime (He's watching it right now actually...) We all have our flaws. Europe was great, looking forward to hopefully getting in touch with you all again. So now, off to my friends page.
23rd-Aug-2006 10:57 am - An Update! Rare, I know
I'll make this quick, so you can return to your regularly scheduled friends page...

I'm back from Europe, my heart will always be in London. I bought half the Virgin Megastore and still somehow got it all into my suitcase.

I move back to campus Saturday (Yeah for my real home) gonna see the best friend and go to my favorite Malibu resturant. Put in my Starbucks application yesterday, hoping I get the job, I already know how to do everything. So as of Sat/Sun I'll get back to commenting on y'alls journals.

See you soon.
21st-Jun-2006 02:29 pm - Still Around?
Hello team, I've been gone for a long time and am preparing to be gone again for a rather long time. Tuesday (27th) I boarding a plane to London for the next two months. I'm back in late August when I move back to school and personal internet access. This will probably be my last post till then, so if anyone looks back to see whatever happened to that Brenden kid, here's your answer. Gonna try and comment on all y'alls journals before I leave, no promises pounds of pre-summer school homework. So yeah, I'll be back soon and back to my usual, comment on everyone's posts style. I miss you all.
5th-Jun-2006 11:20 am - Woo Hoo! Myspace Whores!
Today is an epic day. Often time my legendary friendship is requested by the other fine members of the all american website known as Myspace. Typically these requests come from my friends or people I attended high school with. From time to time I even get requests from less then average bands trying to get off the ground. Westonia Crunk comes to mind. These requests often get denied. However, today is a legendary day. I woke up to find not one, not two, but three friend requests from none other than Myspace Whores. It's Spam through and through and while NadiaChica and HottieNadia live in on both sides of the country, (New York and Beverly Hills) they both have identical info. I even recieved a message saying she loved my profile. Which I find strange cause my profile is a complete disaster at present. I do find the temptation to friend them back for fun, after all it makes me look good to appear to be friends with this....

As the subject reads, the Coleson Award nominations have been finalized. Many of you won't care about this but is a way that I keep track of what I was into year to year. I base it on the end of the school year. So in otherwards it contains last summer till I moved out of P-Dine this year. Also movies and books based on when I discovered them not when they came out. Here are the highlights, winners to come later.

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Yellowcard - Album Icon
Thankfully I had a huge chunk of time that I devoted to commenting and trying to catch up on my friend's journals so if I missed you or didn't sufficently comment, yell at me, guilt works well with me.

Lost Season Finale Wednesday. I can't wait, going to Micah's for a feast and series discussion. Decorations and Lost referrences. It's gonna rock. I'm bringing Dharma Peanut Butter and Ranch Dressing (Massive Lost in-joke).

I loved the Nomar hostility of the last post. You two rock, seriously. Clippers vs. Suns tonight. Sam Cassel will own Steve Nash, or not. I know zero about sports but I'm learning.

Lastly, I've really been doing well lately, remarkably well actually. I've changed to less Emo music which has seemed to pull me out of my downer stuff. Yellowcard/Ryan you win at life. Lots of changes and I've met a ton of great people. They are just so bright and in turn make me brighter. Robyn is easily my best friend right now and only a fear of appearing stalkerish is the only thing keeping me from calling hourly. I spent some time with Amanda Allen. She is sunshine. (Damn that's corny to say, moving on) I left feeling great. We discussed religion and knowing yourself and I am now more in love with Miss (I can't believe you graduated I'm gonna miss you)Ashleigh than ever. Amanda implied that I came up in a discussion of people who they wished could see themselves as wonderfully as everyone else does. It was really touching and I can't wait to spent 8 weeks in Europe with these people. I love my life and I know how trite that sounds but for the first time in a long time I actually mean it. I think the trick to being joyful is to surround yourself with joyful people. The people who drag you down and use you serve no purpose. I'm moving out of my emo (emotional not fashion) phase and I think it is because of the Robyns, Amandas and Ashleighs.

Lastly, lots of Family drama, we the Van DeKamps of Desperate Housewives. No joke
Yellowcard - Album Icon
So yeah to restate my subject. I've been unable to get near the internet till today and finally get to make a post. I'm gonna go watch the Producers Musical movie right now but tommorrow I won't have people around to read over my shoulder and ask a zillion stupid questions. So plan on me catching up and comment whoring tomorrow. So yeah, today was fun.

I stayed up till 4:00 AM-ish last night. I played "The Warriors" on X-box til 3:00, couldn't sleep so watched tv till 4:00. I guess I beat the game, it went fast (16 hours, lord I need to get a life) and am already Amazon price checking it. All buy it after summer. All that to say mom wakes me up at 10:00 cause David had Prom last night got home at 6:00-ish and on no sleep was going to drive into LA for his 2 year anniversary with Ashley. Dad and I drove him and set in the cheap seats....


I wanted to say, I know it's too late but I really am irritated with my sceenname. True back during the GC phase of life it was great but I'm almost twenty and never listen to them anymore. I don't want to start over or anything, it's just funny how you grow up. (The User Pic Is Joke By The Way)
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